“Elizabeth Wong Nude Photo Pic Gambar Bogel”

Came looking for gambar bogel? Nude pics? So, sorry lah…

I’m shamelessly repeating the social experiment from this blog posting:


His search engine-snatching title (which I have replicated here) has allowed him to collect some suggestive data.

Poster by Chris Chew

Poster by Chris Chew

Although this guy describes himself as a leading neo-con he has a very interesting analysis of the probable linguistic affiliation of those interested in hunting down the salacious pics involved in the political assassination of the widely admired Elizabeth Wong.

I’ve had real doubts about how widely distributed on the net these photos were. The news reports were saying so repeatedly. But you can’t necessarily take news reports at face value. After all, some were labelling it as a ‘nude’ or ‘sex’ scandal, but it has later been disclosed that the pictures are hardly revealing, and there’s been no sex involved in the pics released thus far.

But it seems that English searches for the pics do not yield many successful hits, nor are searches in English the majority. It seems that the curiosity for and and hosting of the pictures are primarily amongst the Malay language zones of the internet. As far as I’ve been able to determine, there aren’t more than a handful of sites hosting the pictures. It may be that the news is right to emphasise their propagation via mobile phone MMS. Then again, who knows? I certainly am not in a social network that would circulate such things.

This raises the broader issue that it was not necessarily the alleged widespread propagation of the pics that brought Elizabeth Wong down, but the perception that they were widespread, and the inflation of their impact by the sensationalising focus of the mainstream media, dishonourably led by the Malay Mail.

In a context of mass media perception counts more than actions. And in spite of widespread and vocal support for Ms Wong, the values of a conservative minority have held sway. Her personal was politicised and all her good deeds and intentions were crushed.

At least, let us hope, for now. We look forward to her return because this country and its people desperately need and deserve a public servant of her quality and dedication.

Later, I hope to have the strength to write more on how this whole episode has been an attack on the democratic process and on politicians of principle. Lest there be any confusion, I deem what goes on in the bedroom between consenting adults to be their business alone. The principles I’m talking about are those of unwavering dedication to public service. Such as exemplified by Elizabeth Wong.


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